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Potomac Elementary School
540-663-2947 (fax)

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 Contact Email Address
 Dr. Melinda Brown- Principal [email protected]  
 Sandy Elia- Assistant Principal [email protected]  
 Tonia Smith- Administrative Secretary [email protected]  
 Dawn Booth- Financial Secretary [email protected]  
 Kimberly Clift -School Nurse [email protected]  
 Jaime Pinneta- Nurse Assistant [email protected]  
Deputy Houlihan-School Resource Officer [email protected]  
 Robin Mitchell- School Counselor [email protected]  
 Taylor Leavens- School Counselor [email protected]  
 Jessica Magorian-School Social Worker [email protected]  
 Pam Lipscomb- Cafeteria Manager [email protected]  
 Tammy Brinkman [email protected]  
 Breann Hixson [email protected]  
 Julie Wagner [email protected]  
 Deanne Shaw (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Kindergarten Paraprofessionals:    
 Willoughby Tarrell [email protected]   
 Natalie Worton [email protected]  
 DeeDee Dean [email protected]  
 Joan Cook  [email protected]  
 First Grade:    
 William Knouse [email protected]  
 Candace Polz (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Susy Woodruff [email protected]  
 Karen O'Carroll  
 Second Grade:    
 Katina Conway  [email protected]  
 Cassandra Mastarone [email protected]  
 Kelsey Schwartz [email protected]  
 Jennifer Weaver (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Katy Hodges [email protected]  
 Third Grade:    
 Lindsey Catlett [email protected]  
 Alyssa Adkins [email protected]  
 Kate Jones (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Grace Manno [email protected]
 Fourth Grade:    
 Jeneane Connolly (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Candace Pomozzi [email protected]  
 Melissa Morrison [email protected]  
 Caitlin Harley [email protected]  
 Rebecca Derr-Schriner – LTS [email protected]  
Fifth Grade:    
 Laura Allaire [email protected]  
 Mary Ellen Arthurs [email protected]  
 Laura Landreth [email protected]  
 Shane Pacelli (Team Leader) [email protected]  
 Special Education:    
 Samantha Saunders (K-1st) [email protected]  
 Melissa Shapiro (2nd) [email protected]  
 Cathy Rieman (3rd) [email protected]  
 Natasha Johnson (5th) [email protected]  
 Ashley Butler (4th) [email protected]  
 Victoria Bunch (Speech) [email protected]  
 Melissa Sharp [email protected]  
 Igneris Rodriguez Perales [email protected]  
 Lisa Kennedy-Library [email protected]  
 Giva Conner- Band [email protected]  
 Heather Mims-Physical Education [email protected]  
 Jennifer Jenkins- Art [email protected]  
 Suzanne Schmoyer-Music [email protected]  
 Dawn Hillis- STEM [email protected]  
 Instructional Support:    
 Laura Jo Darcy – Title 1 teacher [email protected]  
 Jennifer Lorentz (ITL) [email protected]  
 Ashley Morris (Math Lab) [email protected]  
 Corinne Jones (Instructional Coach) [email protected]  
Instructional Paraprofessionals:    
 Vicky Crawley [email protected]  
 Donna Fridley [email protected]  
 Amanda Gutridge [email protected]  
 Danielle Hurt [email protected]  
 Elizabeth Michalik [email protected]  
 Dreda Newman [email protected]  
 Angie Portner [email protected]  
 Carole Shelkey [email protected]  
 Kelly West  [email protected]  
 Pam South [email protected]  
 Chase Wery [email protected]  
 Vicky Rankins [email protected]  
 Carmel Grooms [email protected]  
 Stephaine Asbury [email protected]  


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